Ureco Flooring Systems product line, now includes Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial freshness protection. Over fifty years of success and innovation has demonstrated that Ultra-Fresh improves an already successful product, allowing it to distinguish itself from its competitors!

We specialize in the solutions for the construction market, by developing and manufacturing to the customer's necessity for innovative modern, high quality, cost-effective, user friendly products. Professional builders, tradesperson and general public alike, will all be impressed with the URECO line.

Antimicrobal System

Ureco Flooring products is now combined with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology. Ultra-Fresh treatments add value through antimicrobial protection which keeps them fresh and prolongs product life. Ultra-Fresh can help control bacteria, mold and fungi that affect product performance.


  • Ultra-Fresh can help control bacteria, mold and fungi on the surface of the coating.
  • Prevents the spread of most bacteria on the surface of the product.
  • Eliminates mold problems on the coating.
  • Controls unpleasant odours from the surface of the product.
  • Prevents the growth of fungi on the surface coatings.
  • Safe, efficient and reliable

Ureco XTC

The new URECO XTC cementious polyurethane flooring system, is an innovative development, designed, engineered and manufactured by PowerBlast Canada that has all the properties of traditional polyurethane cement flooring with the additional benefit of non-yellowing colour stability.

Performance, application, installation and final appearance remains the same, but now the light colours requested by most customers are available and permanent.

URECO XTC white stays white, URECO XTC light gray stays light gray and best of all it is a cementious polyurethane, so it has thermal shock, and the chemical resistance that the industry has learned to expect and respect.

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